Saturday, January 7, 2012

Russell Simmons Speaks Out Against Lowe's

In case you've been living under a rock, late last year numerous companies pulled advertising from the TLC show "All-American Muslim" because of the intolerant asshats at the Florida Family Counsel.  Essentially, the move was driven by ignorance and straight up religious intolerance.  Lowe's was one of the companies, and received a majority of the oh-so-delicious backlash.

In early December, Lowe's issued a half-assed apology.  It was of the "We're sorry you got offended" variety.  Shame on Lowe's.

Anyway, Russell Simmons just wrote an interesting blog on how Lowe's stupidity ignited an anger in people.  His perspective is pretty interesting, and he even sarcastically thanks the company for uniting people in disgust.  Check it out.

Monday, November 7, 2011


This blog began on a whim and partly out of frustration.  Recently, a friend sent me this short article on the loc revolution.  It eventually led me down this spiral of watching hairstyle tutorials on YouTube.  I realized that I wasn't really using my locs as an extension of myself.  Everyday I get up, put on clothes that I love, maybe do some makeup, but I seriously neglect my hairstyle.  When I started growing locs, it was because I had grown tired of the monotony of my afro.  I had fallen into the same pattern of never changing my hairstyle to suit my mood.  So, this is the whim part.  I wanted to document my loc journey and have it public for all vegans to see.  When I first began, I scoured the internet looking for tips and tricks for kinky vegan hair.  Surprisingly, there was little to be found so I pretty much just went with what I felt was best.

The frustration part happened a bit more slowly.  When I first became vegan, the movement was solely about food for me.  All I knew was that I didn't like killing things, and I wanted to know how to replace all of my favorite vegetarian things.  As the years progressed, I started caring more about beauty products.  One thing I noticed was that many 100% cruelty free companies completely disregarded people of color.  It became infuriating to go through site after site, never seeing makeup that matched my skin tone.  Several places I looked at in the beginning of my veganism didn't even have foundation beyond an olive color.  Additionally, I had trouble finding answers to my problems as an African American female.  What should I use for my hair?  Is there lotion that actually keeps me moisturized?  What companies have makeup for my skin color?

This blog is dedicated to compiling those answers.  I plan to discuss beauty, document my locs, explore veganism, pop culture, and feminism.  I feel like all of these things are interconnected and really, truly matter.  Especially pop culture. Hopefully, it will be a fun time.